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Cali. lefties and techies, long at odds, team up against Trump

Published Friday March 10

…Silicon Valley campuses of Yahoo, Facebook, Apple and Google, where Berland once worked.

SAN FRANCISCO — Before Donald Trump’s election, Laurence Berland viewed political protest as a sort of curiosity. He was in a wonderful place to see it: San Francisco’s Mission District, once an immigrant enclave in the country’s heartland of radicalism that is increasingly populated by people like the person — successful tech workers driving up rents while enjoying a daily commute to Silicon Valley on luxury motor coaches.

“It’s not about the business of we were here 1st” she said. “We’re about the business of how can we support? Division at this time is not helpful.”

“They don’t understand it’s a colonial system that’s never meant to be reformed,” she said.

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